Connect Litigation

CONNECT LITIGATION offers 2 newly renovated, adjacent war room spaces, right in the heart of downtown, within easy walking distance of the federal courthouse. Designed with trial teams in mind, "The Bay," 215 N. Bolivar and "The Rail," 108 E. Rusk (2100 sq. feet and 1600 sq. feet respectively) can be leased individually or together, depending on your space requirements. Our newest addition, "The Nest" at 301 N. Washington, offers 1200 sq. feet and is located on the downtown main street only 3 blocks north of the courthouse. Click Here to check out our spaces and services and visit our website at Connect with us in Marshall for your next hearing or trial. We're taking reservations now at 866-851-4977.

Legal Concierge, Inc. (LCI)

LEGAL CONCIERGE, INC. offers over 7,000 square feet of fully functional office space in Marshall within six blocks of the downtown federal building. LCI has 2 floors of office war room space, conference rooms, private offices, secretarial stations, kitchens and much more, all just a short walk from the Federal Courthouse. To read more and view our Marshall war-room photos CLICK HERE. We also have several war room options in Tyler, Texas for both small and large trial teams. To see our turn-key litigation support offering visit the LCI website at WWW.LEGALCI.COM or telephone us at 866-396-7034.

Cargill Properties

CARGILL PROPERTIES offers 3000+ sf of office space at the Mahon Building offices, 214 E. Houston St (located one block off the square and two from the federal courthouse). Newly remodeled, furnished, wireless Internet, and much more... to read more and view photos, CLICK HERE. To visit their web site, CLICK HERE.

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